Planned Parenthood Saved Me

Planned Parenthood is dedicated to women's health. We're posting stories from women whose lives were saved or changed because they had access to affordable healthcare like cancer screenings through Planned Parenthood.

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Pinkwash *this.*

Planned Parenthood was there when I didn’t have anyone to talk to

Even though I have never stepped foot in a Planned Parenthood, they have helped me. As a scared, sexually active teenager, I was able to find just about everything I wanted and needed to know about sex on their website. I learned about proper condom use and what birth control option would work best for me.  I thank PP for being a sexual education resource for me when no one else (not my parents and not my school) would. 

I am 48 thanks to Planned Parenthood

There is a huge misconception out there by the pro lifers. When I was young and making and hourly wage, without any insurance. I could not afford proper medical care, but I knew I needed a pap smear and screening. The precancerous spots on my cervix were found by the Dr. @ Planned Parenthood. I believe if I did not have access to low cost medical care, the cancer would have spread, and I could have died.

I remember Planned Parenthood as being a good place for information concerning all options if faced with difficult, life changing situations. It seemed as though abortion was the last resort, with all the adoption pamphlets they handed out.

While I was in the waiting room, I recall being afraid that people would think that I was there to get an abortion. I was afraid that there would be protesters yelling at me, but I was in a financial pinch, and was strong enough to go. T

What I found to be true over the years was that the Planned Parenthood doctors and staff were by far the most knowledgeable, and the nicest people. They have compassion and empathy. 

Cancer touches everyone, people who are pro choice,and pro life. It was wise for the Komen foundation to reconsider their funding. 

Thank you Planned Parenthood

A year and a half ago, I went to planned parenthood for my pap smear. Being just out of college, I had no health insurance and extremely low income. While there, the nurse was feeling my lymph nodes when she felt something out of the ordinary. We spent a solid ten minutes feeling around my neck, and she nearly dismissed it. At the last minute, she asked me if I wanted to take a blood test to check my thyroid levels. I had no idea PP even offered to do that! I said yes, and was delighted to learn that the test would be less than $20. 

Later that week, they called and said that my levels were extremely abnormal and I needed to get to a primary physician. Turns out I had a tumor the size of a tangerine in my throat. I had it (and my entire thyroid) removed. Thankfully, it was benign, but what if it hadn’t been? The only reason I was in a doctor’s office of  any kind was that I knew that PP was available/affordable for me and my health needs. It’s entirely possible that I would have gone years without getting this checked out. My quality of life would have been extremely diminished due to my thyroid levels being out of whack. I don’t even want to think about the fact that I could have been carrying cancer inside of me without knowing it. 

Thank you Planned Parenthood. Thank you for caring. Thank you for taking the extra ten minutes. Thank you for being affordable. Thank you for being such an institution that I knew to go to you in first place. I will do my personal best to make sure that never changes. 

Planned Parenthood Rocks

When I was heading off to college, my mother scheduled me an appointment with her insurance-approved/covered doctor for an annual exam and birth control prescription. I was, of course, anxious, but optimistic and went in feeling somewhat empowered - being put in charge of my choices. The experience was extremely degrading. He joked about my sexuality, he made me feel small. He never explained what was going on. He told me to close my eyes and it would be over soon. I felt violated. 

After that experience, I avoided my next exam as long as possible. I used the college health clinic, which primarily used Nurse Practitioners (a good thing) and was reliable, but was not able to go above and beyond in their care. When I found Planned Parenthood, I felt human, I felt empowered. The NPs, Nurses, Doctors, and Staff at each clinic I’ve been to have always had my best interests in mind, asked honest questions, provided honest answers, and helped guide me through my choices on a personal level. They have found abnormal cells (nothing, thankfully) on pap smears, they have found early signs of infection, they have re-tested abnormal STI tests (again, nothing), and their attention to detail and clear explanations are something I have never experienced with any other regular care.

I CHOOSE to go to Planned Parenthood, where I am cared for as a person, not just a human-shaped body. They have set a high standard for what I accept as care, and I have come to learn that I do not have to stand for inferior services when it comes to MY body. Planned Parenthood rocks. 

Josie’s Mom

When I was a broke-ass married college student with no insurance, I used Planned Parenthood to make sure we graduated on time. Family planning, as in I planned to have kids after I graduated. I worked full-time, went to school full-time and did what I had to do. When my parents got separated, the first thing my dad did was drop my mom from his medical, since at the time the law did not force him to maintain her coverages. When Mami asked me what she was going to do, I pointed her to the PP in her area. It was so nice for her to see the staff there, who were friendly and sympathetic to a divorcing mom whose life was changing in a big way. At least she had one less thing to worry for.

Planned Parenthood allowed me to grow up.

I have so much to thank Planned Parenthood for. 10 years ago I got pregnant while using the birth control patch at 19 years old. I’d done everything I thought was supposed to do to prevent this from happening, yet there I was finishing my first year of college pregnant. I went to PP for guidance and counseling and they were so amazing! I was touched by their empathy and professional manner of care.

Then, during my initial exam, I had a pap smear that came up abnormal. They found cancer cells in my cervix. I was lucky enough to have an extrememly supportive mother, and we made the difficult decision together to end the pregnancy and start treatment for the cancer. PP refered me to the best treatment possible and because it was caught early on, I survived.

As an adult, even though I have great insurance, I still go to PP for all of my yearly checkups beause of their professionalism and their commitment to women’s health. Thank you, PP, for saving my life.

Planned Parenthood was there for me

I decided to be sexually active when I was 16. There was no way that I was going to talk to my step-mother or my dad about it. Planned Parenthood got my on birth control pills and then to an IUD. They were helpful, informative, and never judgmental. If nothing else this Komen mess has reminded me how much I owe my current life to their help and I’ll be sending them money annually now.

Planned Parenthood was there for backup

The stories of lives saved here make my story seem trivial.  I have adequate health care coverage and a wonderful doctor, but one day when I had was so uncomfortable I couldn’t sit (no ordinary yeast infection, this), my doctor’s assistant said there were no office appointments open for days, and then said “Why don’t you try Planned Parenthood right in town?”  So I went, and they were wonderful.   They ruled out scary stuff, and helped me deal with the discomfort until my doctor could see me.  I’m glad to know that PP is there for those of my neighbors who are underinsured or uninsured.

thank you, planned parenthood

I have always had trouble with independent health insurance do to a birth defect that has led me to major hip surgery and other difficulties (I can no longer be denied, but they can still jack up the rates). I work successfully as an artist, but earlier this spring, my studio still wasn’t providing insurance (they do now!). So, I  relied on Planned Parenthood for my birth control and sexual health. In March, I went in for my annual exam, only to find that I had some abnormal results. I was scared, but Planned Parenthood took care of me and explained every step - for very low cost they performed an HPV test, biopsy, and a colposcopy - which they did to remove cancer cells from my cervix. Without PP, I would have cervical cancer and not even know - without them, I could not have afforded to get an annual exam. They saved my life and I could not be more grateful. 

Planned Parenthood Is Pro-Life

though, of course, it’s not “pro-life” (i.e., pro-forced gestation and pro-women’s death and suffering). At age 15, I had an abortion, though at a private doctor’s office, a privilege afforded me by the connections of my registered nurse single mom (whose husband abandoned her and his children and who could not be bothered to pay the court-ordered pittance that was supposed to help support his children). My embryo’s sperm donor had absconded, too. Don’t really blame him; after all, if I could have run away from the situation maybe I would have, though I’d like to think that I’m not such a piece of shit.

Planned Parenthood has only ever helped me to avoid pregnancy, as well as disease. When I had no insurance, they provided me with annual pap smears, education on safer sex, STD testing between partners, breast exams, and birth control that worked for me. When I was laid off and underemployed as a temp worker in my early 30s, I knew I could again rely on Planned Parenthood and they came through for me in spades. I was able to get an IUD, which I still have and which has been the best contraceptive I have ever used. I am 41 and for the last 7 years I have been giving back to Planned Parenthood on a monthly basis, even though I have excellent health insurance (which, like most USians, I will lose should I contract a devastating illness that renders me unable to work).

Thanks to Planned Parenthood, I have never had an STD nor any more unwanted pregnancies. Nor have I had a lapse in preventative care check-ups at those various times I had no health insurance. Planned Parenthood has never wavered in its commitment to quality, comprehensive health care for women in all walks of life and I will never waver in my support for this wonderful, life-affirming, non-judgmental organization. I will fight tooth and nail for Planned Parenthood to continue as a resource for low income women, men, and children who otherwise would have no access to quality healthcare.