Planned Parenthood Saved Me

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Pinkwash *this.*

Planned Parenthood of Missouri saved my bacon TWICE!

Back when I was eighteen, I was “kind of” seeing a guy who had the awful habit of “accidentally” losing the condom halfway thru sex. The first time it happened I took a cab (20 miles one way!) to Planned Parenthood for some emergency contraception. Worked a charm. I really thought the condom incident was a one-off accident and continued seeing the boy.

The second time, I realized he was doing it on purpose. I couldn’t take off from work, but begged the guy to go to the clinic for me, but he would not since he “pulled out” and thus considered it impossible that I be pregnant. Well, he was WRONG, and I was.

That Planned Parenthood location did not offer abortion, but referred to to a clinic that did. That clinic was three hours away and I had no car, but managed to get a female co-worker to drive me.

The ONLY thing I felt afterward was relief.

I am thirty now, married to an awesome man, and we have four kids together. He’s an involved dad, the exact kind of man who deserves to be a father.

I am so glad I do NOT have children by anyone as irresponsible as my old hookup. Abortion is a great tool for family planning and nobody should be ashamed of using it. I see young single women all around me who aren’t ready for motherhood, whose lives are yet chaotic, who are bullied into having babies they aren’t ready for. There is no need for this! Have your children when YOU are ready. Don’t just passively accept whatever your biology blindly hands you.

May Planned Parenthood live long and prosper. I have been donating to them for years now out of gratitude for the wonderful life I have now. It wouldn’t have been possible without their services.

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